Monday, 16 February 2009

We've Moved!

Hi there, sorry for the inconvenience but I have changed the inappropriate url for this informative and controversial blog. If you were searching for Slade and are hoping to find pictures of Noddy & Dave in their glitter garb, you may well be disappointed?

If however, you are interested in the story behind the groups rise from the streets of Wolverhampton, through their years as one of the Midlands best Beat groups to their place in Rock history (bumping skin-heads with 'would be' Rock Icons all along the way) then boy, it's your lucky day!

If you arrived here via a personal bookmark, congratulate yourself for having first, the good fortune to find a quality site while rooting around in a haystack and trying to find a needle, and secondly, the good sense to bookmark a decent site when you find it?

Still here..... well now, you need to amend that bookmark to

Thanks for checking us out.

Mickey P. ;-)